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Random TWiT Rant

Sarah Lane, the 'TWiT Network's" resident Apple shill, should have been kicked out ages ago. She's always LATE for "Tech News Today" when she's at the studio, and ALWAYS with some "lame excuse"... and I'm pretty sure her REAL excuse is leaving the house at the last minute. The shows she gets money under the table from Apple to advertise the iPad and iPhone however, she's always ready and raring to go.

She lives near enough to the studio to COME IN when she's on any show, but "Skype's in" on days her Apple commercials aren't on, yet Iyaz Akhtar is ALWAYS in studio, even if he only has "Tech News Today" to do. Since Sarah Lane OBVIOUSLY doesn't like that show, she shouldn't be on it!

The red headed nutcase Chad Johnson is a slacker also. Terrible at switching a show if he's left in charge of that, and waits most weeks till the LAST MINUTE to try to get guests lined up for the networks BIG show, "This Week in Tech". If I were Leo Laporte, Chad wouldn't be there!

Just HAD to get this out of my system, and figured this would be the place to do it, since the chatroom mods apparently don't like me ranting about this on Twitter, even though EVERYTHING I've posted is factual.
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