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First Attempt At A Poll.... (swiped from "")

Poll #21409 After Death

In light of the gruesome discoveries in GA, which method of corpse disposal has the best chance of actually being carried out in accordance with your wishes?

Have my body placed in the Enron document shredding bin.
Offer my lifeless body to Islamic Extremists so that they may burn it in effigy during their weekly 'we hate Americans' street protests.
Let my remains be used as filler in the Chicken McNugget processing vat.
Have a guy named Vinnie drop off my body at Sapporito
Get eaten piece by piece by Mike Tyson.
Switch my rotting corpse with Strom Thurmond and marvel at the US Gov't for eternity from my very own seat in the Senate Chamber.
Auction me off to the International organ black market on E-bay
Get in contact with Gary Condit
I don

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