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New Stuff, Same As the Old Stuff...

I'm in the process this weekend of "revamping" my website. When I say "revamping", I really mean changing the style up a bit, and updating a FEW pages. Changes won't be fully revealed until I've completed the project. Visitors to the site will be seeing the same old stuff in the meantime.

So far, I've changed the style (still mainly for desktops though, since I don't own any "mobile" devices), doing away with the "Click picture for a larger representation", since I feel the pictures are "light" enough to load in their originally uploaded form with most modern internet connection speeds (my site was FIRST started in 2003), and added a few more pictures to Andrew's page.

Also, going back to my previous webhost. I did some figuring, and even though the new host was cheaper in the onset, the added fees were about what I was paying before. Also, the previous host had the easiest sitebuilding program. I know very LITTLE HTML! The new host offered "Weebly", but when I tried it, the result looked NOTHING like the design in the program!
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