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Thus begins the big traffic clusterfark of 2013...

Last night at midnight, the most heavily trafficted bridge in the Monroe/West Monroe area was closed. It will be closed for nearly TWO months while the bridge bearings are replaced. Other work had been being done to the bridge off and on for the past couple of years, funded through a state/federal project. Don't get me wrong, the work NEEDS to be done, before the nearly 80 year old bridge collapses, but it's going to cause a HUGE traffic clusterfuck in the meantime. Only other two bridges connecting the towns are the Interstate 20 bridge and the old two-lane Endom Bridge.

Unless one of the places across the river I've applied for work at calls me for a job, I think I'll be staying on THIS side of the river for the duration of the project! Nothing I ABSOLUTELY need from Monroe otherwise!

"Haverty's Furniture" is due to deliver my new mattresses Tuesday. The delivery guys may have an "interesting" time coming across the river from Monroe that day.

More details about the bridge HERE...
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