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Once Upon A Mattress

Back home from bed shopping. Ended up getting a "Queen-size" instead of a "Full", because the Queen was actually CHEAPER than the Full.

Went to the "Ivan Smith" location on Louisville Avenue first. Had a time finding someone to help, and when I did, they kept trying to sell me mattresses over my price range. To top that, the mattresses were in a SECOND "showroom" you had to get to by exiting the back of the first showroom, and walking a bit outside to it. Who the fuck designed that place??

Next, went to the "Ivan Smith" out by the mall. Better laid out floor plan, but again, salesman was pushy about the more expensive mattresses, and kept also trying to push a "memory foam" pillow. Also, Ivan Smith Furniture should be penalized for false advertising. Memorial Day TV ad says EVERYTHING in the store on sale. At the store, they said ONLY "red tag" items were on sale. LAST time I ever set foot in one of their stores! I didn't have time (or money) for THAT shit, so left, and went to "Basic".

Basic had one in my price range, but was out, and apparently didn't offer "rainchecks", limited to "stock on hand".

Finally, went to "Haverty's". Left satisfied. Found a queen mattress on sale for $599.99 (regular $799.99), and a frame for $63.99. Didn't get a headboard yet, all were beyond my price range at the moment. Will check out some second-hand furniture stores for one later. Don't need anything "fancy", just need a solid one I can lay back against while reading or watching television. In the meanwhile, I can just push the bed against the wall.

Also, the salesman at "Haverty's" was familiar with the area where I live, even used to know the Sandifer's that used to live down the road from me.

Due to be delivered next Tuesday.
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