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Well, Andrew's "friend" Kyle has screwed up again, this time MAJORLY. You may remember the post about the ticket Andrew received after Kyle let him drive his car, knowing Andrew has no license. Andrew managed to squeak by on that incident by getting the fine reduced, and by his friend agreeing to pay the fine for him.

A couple hours ago, Andrew said Kyle was on his way to pick him up so they could go somewhere. Turns out, Kyle's CAR was on the way, but Kyle was in school. Kyle handed the keys to his vehicle to another of their friends, Aaron, who, coincidentally, ALSO has no drivers license! Aaron didn't quite make it here. He made it as far as the ditch right past the first curve in the road my house is on. Kyle's vehicle looks like it'll never drive again. Aaron called Andrew, and Andrew walked down to the curve. Police are currently at the scene. Kyle's mother has been informed and is on her way. Aaron is apparently uninjured, but, since he's currently on probation for some past offenses, might be looking at some jail time. Andrew says Aaron is in a state of panick because of that, but hey... the kid brought all this upon himself. That retarded Kyle is a LOT to blame also in my opinion, by STILL letting unlicensed people drive his vehicle, even AFTER what happened the previous time!

They all deserve ANY punishment coming their way!
Tags: accidents, friends, son, wrecks

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