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Well, bye...

Andrew and his mentally deficient friend didn't get back from Baton Rouge till nearly midnight last night, even though he said they left around 3pm. Doesn't take 8 hours to drive from there to here. I made that trip several times back when the "creature from 20,000 fathoms" and I were still together, and, on average, it was a four hour drive. So, either they didn't leave when they said they did, they made several stops along the way, or Andrew's friend was driving 30mph. He's being hush, hush about it.

Also, apparently, he told my mom he spent MOST of his time down there with above said creature, instead of staying at his friends dads house. She apparently showed him a bunch of papers that documented his problems back when he was living with her, and that was the reason she dropped him off here in 2006, because she "gave up on him". She also is apparently pissed because she found that page I deleted from my website about 4 years ago, with the still images from a video we made while still married. Apparently, the "trolls" that were harassing Andrew and I a few years ago are re-hosting my entire site from a few years ago on their website, and she found it on a Google search. Don't think there is any way to have that removed either, since the 'whois" info for that site is private. Doesn't bother me that it's there, but she is apparently bothered by it. Oh, well, the more stress for the biatch, the better in my opinion.

Thing is, Andrew is now pissed at me (by his attitude on returning), and is on HER side now... so much so, that he says once school lets out for summer, he's moving back down there with her! They will be bringing a U-Haul to get his stuff. Both mom and I have told him, in no uncertain terms, that once he leaves, he's NOT coming back. He seems okay with that. Also, he better have everything for the move OUTSIDE when they show up, because that biatch ain't a-settin' foot IN this house!

Bright side to that will be that mom can then have his old room, which is almost twice the size of the one she is currently in.
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