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About a month or so ago, I posted pictures in a certain LiveJournal community that I thought suited that community. Turns out I got a lot of flack from several people saying I shouldn't have posted those without the other person knowing about it. I felt I was justified, considering what all that "other person" put me through over the years, so I just took down the pictures and left the community as a result of the flack.
Shortly after I removed them, a couple of people on my LJ friends list inquired about the pictures, saying they did not get a chance to see them. So, now, I have re-posted them, along with all the other past pictures I posted in that community, but not on LiveJournal. I have added a heavily password protected section to my homepage(to keep out people that I may not want to run across those pictures). The pages in this new section are "adults only". The website address is:
Each page is password protected with a different password, and the passwords are listed on the first page, but you also will need the password for the first page to see it. Anyone who wants the password will have to send me an email to request it.

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