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It's Amazing The Ancient Stuff I Have In My Closet!

I was digging through the back of my closet and ran across something I forgot I still very first CD player, which I bought in early 1984! It cost $599 (believe it or not, that was the cheapest one on the market at the time) and weighed 28 pounds! It did not have a remote control either. It was sold by "Sears" under the "proformance" brand.

As you can see, it did not have a digital display either, just 16 little red lights in a row to let you know which track was playing. If a CD had over 16 tracks (few that early on did) you just had to guess which track was playing!

A view of the back of the machine. The "RCA-Output" jacks to the far left, power supply in the big white protrusion, and a rather large heat sink. Below the heat sink is a switch you had to flip to "Off" after you removed the "pickup fixing screw" from the bottom of the machine.(Pickup Fixing Screw was for keeping the laser pickup stable during shipment)

A view of the side of the machine, just to show the sticker showing the manufacture date...

The reason I quit using the CD player after having it about four years was because it started mistracking like crazy!

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