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Well, whatever crud I've got is working on about 4 days. Fever wasn't as high this morning, 99.4F, but still blowing nose, dull taste in my mouth,feeling a tad "lightheaded", loss of appetite, and the entire left side of my face hurts... leading me to believe it's a nasty sinus infection. Didn't sleep well AT ALL last night, since I sleep most comfortably on my left side. Difficult for me to doze off on my back or right side, so most of the night I was tossing and turning. Taking Tylenol for the fever and headaches, Coricidin for the rest of the symptoms.

Going to try and "tough it out" a couple more days. If not better by then, guess I'll go visit the clinic over at Conway Hospital. In the meantime, staying inside as much as possible and taking it easy.
Tags: illness, pain, sick, sinuses, sleep

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