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In the Jailhouse Soon...

Looks like Andrew will FINALLY be learning a hard lesson in the next 15 days or so.

Sometimes, when Andrew has been going off with his "friend" Kyle, mom has seen him driving Kyle's car. Both she AND I told him numerous times he didn't need to be doing that, since he has no drivers license. Well, there was a letter in the mail today from the District Attorney, stating, "Our records indicate that you failed to appear on your traffic ticket. Your license will be suspended if you do not comply with this notice."

It also reads, "You have fifteen (15) days from the date of this letter to comply."

I called the number to see what was up. The fine for driving with no license, AND driving 14 miles over the speed limit, amounts to $631, money NO ONE in this house can afford to spend for something like that.

SO, the boy has gotten himself in quite a pickle. He'll just have to sit out the time behind bars, after the bench warrant is issued in about 15 days. He's 19 now, so legally an adult, so he'll have to just suffer the consequences of his actions.

He NEVER mentioned to either mom or I that this happened. Guess he thought if he ignored it, that it would just "go away". This will teach him, FINALLY I hope, that there are serious consequences to his actions!
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