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Follow-up to previous post...

The plan I had originally for this evening is cancelled. Andrew's weird friend, the one I just can't STAND, showed up a little after 6pm. Andrew told me he'd only be here "for a couple of minutes". It's been nearly an hour, the asshat is STILL here, one room over from where I was going to watch the DVDs. To avoid seeing him, I finally said "Screw it" and came back here to the PC.

Course this is the kid that I've talked about before, where neither he nor his mother knows how to read a freakin' clock!

Guess I'll wait till tomorrow evening to watch the DVDs. I'm telling Andrew that from now on, the longest that kid can stay in the house is FIVE MINUTES. Anything longer, I'll call law enforcement, and report him as a trespasser!
Tags: friends, idiots, morons, plans, son

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