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Surrounded By Morons...

Local TV station KNOE-8 posted highlights from the President's speech about gun enforcement this morning on their Facebook page. Nearly EVERY comment was implying Obama is a Muslim who is wanting to become a dictator and take ALL guns away, so he can "take over" the country. He's only wanting to ban the sale of assault weapons and magazine clips that hold over ten bullets. Makes sense to me, because the "standard joe" DOESN'T NEED assault rifles... only law enforcement and the military do! The "standard joe" can get by just fine with his regular rifles, shotguns, and handguns that don't hold many bullets!

Hunters, of which there are a LOT in the area where I live, are the main ones complaining about bans on ANY firearms. You don't need an assault rifle to shoot a deer. If you THINK you do, you're doing it wrong!

People... no one is coming to take away ALL your guns. If you think that, you're an idiot, plain and simple. The 2nd amendment strictly states, "a WELL REGULATED militia". We need SOME regulation, otherwise all heck might break loose!

Of course, when you're talking about the part of the country I live in, you don't expect many to be able to think logically or have good reading comprehension.
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