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Tuesday Randomness

After talking to a teacher at Andrew's school, confirmed the students won't be counted as "absent" if they stay out next week, so Andrew will have a three week holiday vacation.

Finally decided what to do with the VHS tapes of movies I've purchased on DVD or Blu-ray. Every week, I'm tossing a few in the trash to be picked up. Only thing I could figure to do with them. No one wanted them, and can't "donate" them anywhere, since 99.9% are blank tapes with the movies recorded from television over the years.

Found out the tenant living in moms trailer is a bit late with the rent, because the hours at his two jobs have been cut. One job, that used to give him overtime, stopped overtime. He paid part of the rent just a while ago, will pay the rest in a few days. Things are tough all over it seems.

Next door neighbors "decorated" their yard and house the other evening. They strung single-color lights around the oak trees in the yard... looks retarded.

Mail got here before noon today. Didn't notice if it was our prompt mail carrier, or the slow-assed substitute carrier in the red car.

Window next to the PC was fogged up this morning, got down to 29°F last night. Got some paper towels to wipe it off, paper towel nearly turned black. Guess I'm overdue for some window washing!
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