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What are the odds?? Part Deux...

On Jul. 26th, 2010, I posted that I had noticed something strangely familiar looking on the wall in the background of a scene on my "Abbott & Costello Show" DVDs, which was a picture that has been hanging in this house since the mid-1960's. The odds I'd end up noticing, or having a show on DVD with the same picture in the background were astronomical I thought.

Well, fast forward to yesterday. Decided to watch some of my "Seinfeld" DVDs again, for the first time in ages. Last time I watched them was when I had the 27" Sony CRT. With the larger, 46" Sony LCD, I notice more detail. One "detail" I noticed in the background of a scene in the second season episode, "The Busboy", was the same picture AGAIN! So that's TWO TV shows on DVD that I've bought that the picture randomly showed up in...

And the picture that has been hanging on the living room wall for decades...

Starting to think that picture is developing a life of its own!
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