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No Freeze Part Deax...

After a back and forth between Electrolux (who makes Frigidaire) and Lowe's, a replacement freezer should be here today between Noon-2pm. Mom called Lowe's first, yesterday morning. They had her call a toll free number for Electrolux. She called them, they said the freezer should be replaced. They said they would contact the store on the issue.

In the meantime, I "mentioned" @Frigidaire and @Lowes on Twitter. Both got back to me rather fast. They gave me emails to send my details to. One of the lead customer service people from Lowe's told me they have a 30 day refund/replacement policy, and it SHOULD have been handled on the FIRST call to the store. In the email, they told me we would be hearing from the Assistant Store Manager Kevin by the end of the day. Sure enough, he called, said he didn't know why the issue wasn't addressed on the first call, and a new freezer would be delivered today.

If this replacement freezer doesn't work, we're just going to get a refund and go to another store, and buy a different brand.

UPDATE (1:25pm): New freezer has been delivered. Seems to be putting out cold air on the inside (so far anyway).
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