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Here I was thinking Andrew had outgrown his "tantrums". Just had to pick him up from school because he got into a hissy fit in the cafeteria over a plate. Apparently, according to the supervisor, he grabbed a plate that wasn't his. When confronted about it, he slammed it down hard. As usual, Andrew says that wasn't what happened, that he never slammed a plate down, and that the FOUR adults that witnessed it are all plotting against him.

He had went off with his friend Kyle (the one I talked about earlier with the personality of Eddie Haskell from "Leave It to Beaver" and the looks of something from a horror flick) yesterday afternoon, and didn't make it back till nearly midnight. He was expected back before 9pm. I'm guessing the tantrum arose because of his lack of sleep last night, of course he denies that also. Anywho, I've banned him from going ANYWHERE with that Kyle guy for a MONTH. That family NEVER does anything at the time they say they will... it's like they are illiterate and never learned how to read clocks!

Because of the tantrum, he can't go back to school until Friday. All the way home, he was griping how he's going to fail his class from being out so many days, and how the whole WORLD is against him. He blames EVERYONE BUT himself for his problems, yet he's the one bringing them on to himself!

I've told him, since he's 18, if he doesn't start shaping up soon, I may just send him packing... getting too old for this shit.

If I knew I wouldn't get arrested, I'd punch his mother right in the face!
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