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Talked to a "Joey" yesterday at IDS about the issue of the DSL going out at the same time the past few evenings. He said they "changed a few settings", and if I still had problems today, to call Phyllis here in Monroe, and he gave me a number.

Had the same issues last night, so called the number. Started telling her my problem, she stopped me, said she was in "Billing", and couldn't help me. I told her "Joey" had told me to call her, she didn't understand why, and patched me back through to "Joey". Joey put me on a speakerphone with another woman, who ran a diagnostic on my line, and said it was taking ALL my bandwidth to run the test. While I was in the middle of telling her more symptoms, I suddenly heard a dial tone. Then Joey called back, said they were going to talk to DGS (whatever that is) about my problem, and they'd call back, meaning ANOTHER morning on hold!

Even though I had a LOT of issues with AT&T DSL (dropped them when they started capping), I don't ever recall ever getting this kind of run around in the support department. Support was quicker and more reliable before the local ISP sold out. Wonder if the owner of the local ISP knew what he was getting into when he sold the company?

Everything seems fine until about 8pm or so, and that is when the internet starts crapping out. Woke up close to 3am and did a test, speeds were normal again. So I'm still guessing the main issues are between 8pm-midnight.

UPDATE: Well, the internet issues appear to be on AT&T's end... now gotta wait for THEM! No time frame given...
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