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Nightly Dips

Guess I'm going to have to call my ISP again tomorrow during their business hours. For the past THREE evenings,mainly between the hours of 8pm-midnight, the internet connection has been dropping out. When it comes back up during those hours (usually for a brief period of time), the download speed measures a lame 2.3Mbps on my 6Mbps connection. Clears up mostly by morning. Just ran the test at this morning, and got these results...

Download Speed: 5.99Mbps
Upload Speed: 0.43Mbps
Packet Loss: 0%
Latency: 47ms
Jitter: 1ms

Being the sync light on the modem stays on, and only the internet light goes off during the outages, and the outages seem to be occurring at the SAME times the past three evenings, I'm inclined to think it is something on the ISP's end, nothing here.
Tags: internet, isp, outages

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