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Friday the 13th isn't unlucky...

Friday the 13th isn't unlucky...Friday the 20th IS however!

This morning, on my way to pick up moms prescription from Walgreen's, I got stopped by a state trooper. Neglected to come to a FULL stop at the stop sign at the corner of Washington Street and New New Natchitoches. Apparently he was parked at the Citgo station, and I didn't see him. Out of habit, if I see no traffic, I usually just slow down at the sign. I now have a ticket, second one since I started driving. Gonna call Monday to see what the "damage" is.

Gotta break that habit!

After I get back home, moms tenant in her trailer she is renting comes over and alerts there is a huge water leak under it. Now waiting for the plumber.

So, as you see, Friday the 20th is the day to look out for! :-(
Tags: plumbing, tickets, unlucky

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