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Mom Update

Dropping mom off at Glenwood hospital in a few minutes for some tests. She's been getting out of breath easily the past couple of months, so her heart doctor is going to see if she has any more blockages. She had a stent put in a couple of years ago. If she needs another one, they will probably keep her overnight.

As usual, she told me no need to hang around the hospital while all that was being done, that's why I'm just dropping her off there until she calls me. I kinda need to be near a phone anyway, in case one of the numerous places I've applied for work was to call. Andrew may not be here to catch the phone since he said yesterday he might be going to do something with a couple of his school friends this afternoon.

Update update (11:50am): Mom now at hospital. I stopped by "Dollar General" on the way home to pick up a package of paper towels, since we were nearly out. Now doing a couple loads of laundry while I wait to hear something.

Update update update(5:50pm): Mom called. Tests turned out fine, no more blockages. She has to stay there a couple more hours for observation though, should be ready to come home around 7pm. She said she'll call when they release her.
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