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You may recall me talking about our bathtub issues a few weeks ago. Well, got a call this morning. The measurements that were sent to the tub overlay manufacturer were a bit off. The manufacturer said there was apparently a warp in the tub, and they couldn't guarantee an overlay could be made to fit over the old tub properly. They said they could TRY it, but couldn't guarantee there wouldn't be problems down the road.

Sooooo...we're going the FULL tub replacement route, meaning we will probably be without the tub longer than expected. The people doing the job said they wouldn't charge any more for the new tub itself than what the original overlay would have cost, but we'll have to pay extra labor for new walls around the tub, etc., so it's going to cost about $1300 more than the original esitmate. The complete replacement will also be guaranteed longer than the overlay would have been.

Being we only have the ONE bathroom, guess it's a good thing mom has that "portable potty chair" in case we'll need it!
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