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Hot day...

Gonna get rather hot outside today, but I've got a "project" I'm gonna be workin' on. Gonna get that extra, old outdoor TV antenna I have, try to mount it kinda high, move it in various directions, and see how many MORE over-the-air channels I can get.

Already have one outdoor antenna mounted, and aimed perfectly for the local stations, so I'm leaving it "as is". If I can get other channels with the other antenna, I'll buy a switcher to switch from one antenna to the other.

My "ideal" goal would be to get the over-the-air stations out of Jackson, Mississippi, because they have an affilliate for "Antenna TV" and "MeTV", which air a lot of old classic series. Sometimes, late at night, a few Jackson stations will come in with the existing antenna after a channel scan for about 15 minutes or so, before they peter out, so I'm thinking it shouldn't be THAT difficult to try and receive them.

Of course, I've been wrong before!

PROGRESS UPDATE 1:(1:07pm) Got the wall mounts for the antenna up, new. longer cable stripped, coaxial plug crimped onto antenna side.

PROGRESS UPDATE 2:(5:40pm)Antenna up, but still not receiving the "out of town" stations I was trying to get, Antenna TV and MeTV. :-(
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