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Just got off the phone checking on my sons state Medicaid status. Found out he's still good to go till he's 19.

However... the woman on the phone said it showed on their systems, from the support enforcement division, I was receiving $486/month in support from the ex-wife since she dropped Andrew off here in 2006. I told the woman that was news to me, since I never even bothered to persue the matter, because I figured it wouldn't be worth the effort, because the ex was probably like she was back when we were together, not even looking for work. According to Andrew, in the years we were out of touch completely, the ex had two more kids, and another on the way when she dropped him off here.

Sounds kind of like the ex might be lying about stuff again, mom and I have determined, like she did several years back when she said she missed eight payments from me. Had to run tracers on the money orders, take them to court in Baton Rouge, to prove she was lying about THAT (the state never punished her in ANY way). If she is telling agencies she is sending me nearly $500/month in support, sounds like she must be trying to fool the state or other places into giving her more benefits!

Anyway, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals has now been informed by ME that I haven't seen a DIME out of the ex since 2006, so maybe they will investigate. I'd LOVE to see that biatch get locked up for fraud or something!
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