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Saturday Summaries

A few weeks ago, we had a guy that specialized in bathtub refinishing come out to look at ours, because it was starting to get rusty in spots. After he looked at it, he said he could fix it, but the repair might only last a few years, because the tub was so far gone. He suggested a couple people he knew who could replace the tub. Called them, they were "backed up" with work, they said they'd get back to us in about three weeks. Well, three weeks passed, no call.

So, mom calls a local business, Donnie Grubbs, to come out and inspect the tub. The guy from there looked at it, said if the entire tub was replaced, the door and wall of the bathroom would have to be ripped out to get a new tub in. He offered a cheaper solution however. They can get an acrylic liner made to fit OVER the existing tub. The existing walls will be left untouched with that method. We decided to go with that. People will be here early this coming week to laser measure the tub. They will then send the measurements to a place in Chicago to get the liner made, which they said should take 3-4 weeks. Once they get the liner, the job should be finished by that afternoon. Better than the entire tub replacement, which, because of the wall construction involved, might take a week or more, which wouldn't be good, since that is the ONLY bathroom in this house!

Noticed on Livejournal, someone on my friends list was having a birthday today, was going to wish them a happy birthday, but when I looked to see when their last post was, I decided to skip it. Last journal activity was April 27, 2008! Hadn't realized it had been THAT long since their last post! My guess they must not be "active" anymore. There was a Facebook link on their info page, but when I clicked it, it popped up a Facebook page saying "This page no longer exists". I have a FEW people on my Livejournal list who haven't posted in years it seems. :-(

The Thunderbird email client has been driving me batty the last couple of months. Occasionally I'll delete emails, and the subject line will go blank, and the date will change to 12/31/1969. Only way to make those lines disappear is to close the client and reopen it. Seriously thinking of going back to Windows Live Mail, even though I've been using Thunderbird for years.

There was a reunion organized for the elementary/junior high school I went to, taking place tonight. Decided to skip it, in case a few of the people I didn't get along with back then might be there, and the fact most of the old classmates seem significantly more "successful" in life than I am... I don't need to feel even MORE inferior than I do now!

Really wanting that "Antenna TV" over-the-air channel, but the local stations don't have it on their subchannels. Sometimes, late at night, I'll do a channel scan on the TV, and a Mississippi affiliate will come in for a few minutes. Thinking I may put up that other old outdoor TV antenna I have, next to the current one, point it in a different direction, and see if I can possibly receive it fulltime. Might work with an amplifier.
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