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Thursday Throbbings...

You know those ads UPS runs bragging about their "logistics"? I don't think they know the meaning of the word. A DVD set I pre-ordered a few months ago was supposed to arrive on its release date, Tuesday the 22nd. It didn't get here until nearly 7:00pm yesterday instead. Looked at the tracking of the package, and I think I know WHY it was a day late. It shipped by Amazon early Monday from Nashville,Tennessee. From there, it went all the way to Mesquite,Texas. From there, it went to Shreveport,Louisiana...THEN to the local UPS distribution center in Monroe. So the package went RIGHT PAST Louisiana into Texas, then BACKTRACKED back INTO Louisiana! WTF is up with that?!?

Also, I've noticed most of the people I had lost contact with over the years, then got re-aquainted with on Facebook recently, have been in long term happy marriages, and are still married. Some have went on to be VERY successful (compared to me anyway) in their careers. Needless to say, it makes me feel REALLY good about how MY life has turned out! *sarcasm*

After two mornings working on my acre of land, finally finished it up. All grass has been cut, weeds trimmed, ant beds poisoned, limbs picked up, etc. Rest time now.
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