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Friday Foibles...

Grass is growing again. Will go tomorrow to get more gas for the mowers, maybe cut again Sunday.

Got my updated voter registration card in the mail yesterday. Had been putting off changing party affiliation for ages, until I discovered recently I didn't need to go to the courthouse after all, was able to do it online.

Took a couple of moms plants outside for her this morning, after one pot sprung a leak. She usually sets them outside in the warm months anyway.

Might be able to see part of a lunar eclipse this Sunday evening, if it's not too cloudy, and the sun isn't too low on the horizon by the time it's happening.

Pain in left leg is flairing up again. Gotta watch how I step.

Sons weird friend visited again the other day. The kids mom said she'd be here to pick him up around 5:30pm. The time she ACTUALLY showed up...

Not the first time she's given one time, showed up much later... I'd swear no one ever showed that woman how to read a clock!
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