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Hump Day Ramblings

Woke up this morning to 17 updates for both the Windows Vista and Windows 7 PCs.

Will go out later today or tomorrow for a haircut. Been cutting my own the past several years, but now that mom has moved in, can't really tie up the bathroom for the usual 1½-2 hour stretch. Use a two-mirror method, to get the back even, and the bathroom is the only room in the house with walls close enough together to use two mirrors at the same time. Only thing will be deciding on a barber. The one I used to use has apparently long since retired, no longer listed in the phone book. He wasn't young the 13 or so years ago I last saw him.

Once I've determined whether or not the rain chances have moved out of the area, may go outside, mix up some weed killer, and hit some of the bad spots in the yard. May also poison the ant mounds. Ran over a few when mowing the other day.
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