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One of the local television stations did their first newscasts today from their newly remodeled studio, in widescreen for the first time. On their Facebook page, they asked for peoples opinions. Others were saying how nice it looked. I was a bit more objective. Is it wrong I broke from the crowd and gave my HONEST opinion in the comments... "Only thing... the studio shots were a bit contrasty and soft, and quite a lot of chroma distortion around Jared's (the weatherman) segment."

I left the comment because everything WAS rather contrasty... cameras seemed out of focus... and there were severe jagged outlines around the weatherman's segment as he stood in front of the screen, which I assume was due to lighting not being angled quite right, causing too much shadow on the "green screen", producing that effect. Not my TV, because a commercial that aired during the broadcast, with the weatherman sitting talking about the new weather center, recorded earlier, looked darn near perfect! Just the live studio stuff looked "off" for the most part!

I'm by NO MEANS a studio engineer, but I know enough about how TV works to know when something just isn't quite right!
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