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AT&T... Meh

Just checked my phone, and thus begins DAY TWO of my dead phone saga...

Got this email late yesterday afternoon...

"AT&T is in receipt of your Social Media request regarding a service outage you are experiencing on 318 ***-****. Your outage has been forwarded to a specialist for investigation and resolution. If you have an alternate contact number and can provide that it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I will continue to attempt to reach on the number provided until we have the line restored.

It is our goal to be responsive to our customers’ concerns and to provide excellent service in all aspects of your service. We regret that your recent experience fell short of this goal. We appreciate your taking the time to write and explain the situation and for providing us the opportunity to investigate your issues to improve our processes.

Cecelia Kirby
AT&T Office of the President"

My landline is my ONLY contact number, so if they want to CALL me, they need to get the freggin' phone fixed!!! I just hope an emergency doesn't crop up, or someone from the many places I've applied at for work doesn't attempt to contact me while the phone is down!

Didn't have NEAR the issues with the phone lines back when BellSouth was in charge of things! AT&T enters the picture, and screws things up all over the place!
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