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Picture Heavy Follow-up to Yesterdays Monkees Post...

Yesterday, I posted a picture I took with my cheap 110 film format Kodak Instamatic camera at the Monkees October 26,1986 Reunion Tour concert stop in Ruston, Louisiana at Louisiana Tech University, and mentioned the rest of the pictures I took wouldn't be worth scanning and posting because they were too far away from the stage and rather dark.

Well, I got to thinking... MAYBE I could do at least a LITTLE with them in Paint Shop Pro! Sooo... here is my lame results after a couple hours of work...

Granted, I think they came out better than I expected. I improved on the original snaps by scanning at the highest resolution Paint Shop Pro would let me, 600dpi, which resulted in a LARGE, over 10MB image. I then cropped the area with the performers. After that I resized to a smaller size for posting on the internet. Finally, I sharpened the image as much as possible, and used the JPEG artifact removal feature.

I was surprised you could actually see their faces now, although a bit blurry still. Wish I had thought about doing this sooner!

I still remember there were signs up in the arena saying "No Cameras Allowed". Since it was a pocket sized camera, I'd whip it out from time to time and take a snap. A university "union board" person walked up to me at one point, said "You KNOW you aren't supposed to be taking pictures, don't you?" I said, "Uhh...yeah." He then smiled, said, "Don't worry, I didn't see anything.", and walked off. I took a few more pictures after that, being the rebel I am! :-)
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