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More Movin' On In...

After going to apply for a couple more jobs this morning, carried a few more boxes of moms stuff here from her trailer. Also brought over her 5 house plants.

She bought a laptop computer about 2½ years ago, but has RARELY used it, because she never got an internet connection of her own, and the wifi signal from the router here was VERY weak at her trailer. She'll most likely use it more living here, since she'll get a nice, strong signal. Currently updating it. Last time it was updated was in mid-2010. Already have installed Windows 7 SP1, now downloading the follow-up updates.

Since her new flat-panel TV is too large to fit in her room here, I'm going to put it in my bedroom, to replace the 12 year old 27" Sanyo CRT. I had a 13" RCA CRT I was going to put in her room, with a converter box for the digital TV signals, but I hadn't used that old RCA in years, and after plugging it in, the darn thing wouldn't even power on! So much for THAT idea. That 13" hadn't even been used heavily in the past. 'Course, it's an RCA, gotta expect it to be faulty... Really Crappy Appliances!

Hopefully, everything else she needs will be moved in by Wednesday at least!
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