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Movin' On In

This morning, Andrew and I moved more of moms stuff in. There were delays due to a muddy yard caused by days of heavy rain. Hopefully she herself will be in Monday or Tuesday. Moved her GOOD matresses from her other bed and put them on Andrew's bed, since those matresses were practically brand new, and she didn't want whoever rents the trailer to damage them. So now Andrew has a new matress, and the old, shoddy one is now on the bed in the trailer.

Also moved her night table, deep freezer, and rocker-recliner. Will move her desk and some smaller objects tomorrow. There is NO WAY her rocker-recliner will fit in the room that will be her bedroom, where she originally thought about putting it. However, after moving a couple of things, scooting my recliner and sofa down a bit, I actually managed to make room for her chair in the livingroom, even though most people thought it'd be an impossibility after reading this post from January 15th!

Andrew left with a couple of friends around 2:30pm to visit and go to the bowling alley.
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