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If you hear loud cursing...

If you hear loud cursing, it'll probably be ME yelling at the internet.

Yesterday, I posted how the internet was down all morning, and I called my ISP, who said it was a regional outage due to something at AT&T's Shreveport facility. My ISP has to "piggyback" on AT&T's infrastructure. Well, the internet came back up yesterday afternoon in time for me to watch "This Week in Google" live on Leo Laporte's online "TWiT Network". I was also looking forward (for about a week) to hanging out in the chatroom while Leo interviewed Steve Martin live about his new book on the show "Triangulation" at 6pm central time.

A freggin' FIVE MINUTES before the show was supposed to start, the freggin' internet DIED AGAIN!!! It was in and out every few minutes the rest of the evening! So much for the LIVE broadcast, NOW I'll have to watch the RECORDED version once it is posted!

AT&T makes BILLIONS of dollars a year, yet they can't seem to get their shit together!
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