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Yesterday, my email accounts. This morning, LiveJournal...

"A request has been made at to reset
the password to the account associated with this email address. If you did not make this request, please ignore this email and your password
will not be reset."

LiveJournal listed the IP as After Googling, discovered it's ANOTHER Canadian address. I tell ya, Canadians must not have a life!

UPDATE: Someone hacked Hotmail AGAIN. My fault this time I guess, forgot to change my security question after changing my password yesterday.

In other news, my internet is still "in and out", as I posted yesterday, after the rain we got here. Called my ISP, the guy said he thinks the modem might have gotten a power surge, so they want to change it out, although I don't think that is the issue, since I still have the old modem the phone company gave me, which I fixed up to work with the ISP also, and it goes "in and out" also. Going to go to the ISP and swap out the modem anyway. If it still has the same issues, I'll just call them back Monday (no one in the office on weekends).
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