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Damn Hackers...

Got an email from my webhost account AND Yahoo email, saying an attempt to change my password was made today. Webhost said if I didn't try to make a change, just ignore the email. Yahoo had me change my security questions (didn't give REAL answers however, as usual). When I changed my Yahoo info and password, I was smart and went to the site DIRECTLY, not using the link in the email.

Hotmail sent no email, but my password no longer worked in Thunderbird. So, I went to the site and changed it there.

Getting a "clue" where this mess is coming from however I think. In my webhosts email, it said, "This request was generated by a user from IP address clicking the "Forgot Password" link." I did a Google search on the IP address, and apparently it originates out of Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Maybe Canadians have never heard of the TV game show "Password", and didn't get the JOKE I made the other day! Or either whoever is up to this is too young to remember the show! OR, maybe Canadians are so BORED they have nothing better to do than try to hack email accounts!
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