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Don't mess with my TV!

The past few months, I've been reading some reports that Congress and the Senate want to eliminate more over-the-air signal bandwidth from television broadcasting, because the Congress and the Senate "critters" say most of it isn't being used because most people have cable or satellite, and that spectrum can be better used in the mobile phone market.

Not sure WHERE they are getting their info, but from the "techy" folks I "hang around with" online, more and more people are dropping OVERPRICED cable and satellite for FREE over-the-air TV, which also has the advantage of a better, uncompressed, HD signal... as I did in November when I ditched the Dish (and don't miss it at ALL).

The increased usage in mobile phone bandwidth seems to be a result of excess DATA usage... browsing the net, sending TEXT messages, and watching streaming VIDEO over a freggin' PHONE! Phones are for talking to one another, NOT all that other nonsense! If you eliminate all the nonsense, there's MORE THAN ENOUGH bandwidth for mobile phones!

Soooo... FCC and you mobile phone hogs... DON'T MESS WITH MY TV SIGNALS, DAMMIT!
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