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Small space, one more furniture item to add...

As you may have previously read, mom is moving in soon. She wants to bring her recliner. I don't see where there would be room for it in the spare room where her bedroom will be, once the bed, nightstand, desk, and shelving unit is put in there, so I thought it'd be convenient to put it in the livingroom instead, since that is where the big TV is, and she'd be spending a lot of time in there.

My recliner, and a rather large sofa is currently in the livingroom. Want to keep both in there. Want to leave the TV stand/entertainment center where it currently is. Also want to keep the speakers where they are, while keeping the maximum surround sound effect for anyone sitting in the room.

Question is, from ANYONE reading this post... can you think of SOME way, just from the photos below, to achieve this... maybe putting the sofa at an angle... off to the side...etc? Difficulty... currently, there's about a foot between the end of the sofa and the bookcase, and I'd still need access to the bookcase!

Image 1: View from the far corner of the side of the room the entertainment center is located. Arrows point to the rear surround speakers.

Image 2: View from the front door, seen in image 1. Entertainment center against wall in the center of room. Arrows pointing to front surround speakers.

Image 3: View from close to the door leading into the hallway. You can see how close the end of the sofa is to the bookcase.

Another difficulty... the bookcases can't be moved, they have been firmly attached to the walls since they were added in the 1970's. So, the sofa and recliner need to be moved in such a manner to still see the TV, still get a decent surround effect, and have room for a second recliner, in a rather "rectangular" room.
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