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Slow Days

Not much to write about lately. The repair on the back door recently that the "handyman" did, did not hold up. The hinges came loose from the frame again(the FIRST time it happened chronicled HERE. My son and I managed to get the door to close this time however. Called the "handyman" numerous times, he never returned the calls, so we called someone else and just had them replace the entire door and frame, this door with a window in it, to brighten the kitchen up a bit more, since there is only one small window over the sink. This door opens from the opposite side than the old one, but as long as it doesn't fall off the hinges, I'm happy. Only thing we didn't have the door guy do was paint the trim, but I'm going to do that myself.

In other news, the boy is out of school for the holidays. Also, I'll be taking mom for her eye exam early this afternoon. The doctor usually dilates her eyes, so she needs a driver.
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