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Update to earlier post...

Went to "Big Lots", only found two TV season DVDs I was after, "Hawaii Five-0 Season 4", and "Bosom Buddies Season One", both $6 each. Did however find a couple of good movies on DVD for $1.88 each... "National Lampoon's Class Reunion"(1982) and "The Great Escape"(2-disc collectors edition). That TV-On-DVD section was pretty well picked clean. Guess I got somewhat lucky, since only one copy of both the TV sets I mentioned was left!

Lowe's was freggin' OUT of those 5' TV antenna masts, they said they might have some more in by Thursday... so much for getting moms antenna optimized for KNOE 8 until then!

Bought 60 cans of "Fancy Feast" at PetsMart. If money were no object, would have bought more, since there was no limit at the discounted price! Both moms cat and mine prefer that brand!
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