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Just feel like SCREAMING!

What is the deal with modern audio receivers?!? This afternoon, I was watching CNN for a bit. Decided to switch over to watch a DVD. I have the Blu-ray player, satellite receiver, and a desktop PC hooked into the Denon receiver via HDMI, and the output going via HDMI to my Sony LCD TV. When I switched the Denon receiver over to the Blu-ray player, no picture, just audio. I then immediately switch back to the satellite receiver, now IT'S suddenly audio only! Only thing showing a picture through the Denon is the PC hooked to it!

Got out the owners manual. All it said in the "Troubleshooting" section about if there is no video, to check the receiver and TV connections. Well, I do, and they are snug. I then try "factory resetting" the receiver, nothing changes. I switch cables around. Only HDMI input on the rear of the receiver that shows video is the one the PC is plugged into, and ONLY for the PC. The satellite AND the Blu-ray player for some reason STILL shows no video in that port. For the heck of it, I try unplugging it from the wall for about 5 minutes. No change.

Andrew gets home from school, sees me messing with it, so he tries a few things. He also has a Denon receiver in his room, which has worked fine nearly 3 years now. He even disconnects the HDMI cables in his room and tries them on my receiver, just to see if it may be faulty cables. It apparently wasn't.

Only had this receiver since November 30th of last year, after the Yamaha I was using previous to it bit the big one only three MONTHS after its warranty was over! Had the opposite issue with it, video came through, but audio died. Luckily, with this one, I thought ahead and bought an extended warranty, which is good till December 30, 2014, so either Best Buy will have to repair it, or give me an equivalent model as a replacement!

Seems all the manufacturers are spitting out CRAP nowdays! My first "high end" audio receiver was a JVC I bought at a local stereo store, Howard Griffin Sound Center, in 1982. That one was in use till 1993. Replaced it with a "high end" RCA branded model from Radio Shack that year. Used it until getting the Yamaha in 2008. Starting with that Yamaha, it seems "reliability" went down the toilet!

Currently have the Denon unplugged from the wall again. Going to leave it unplugged overnight, try it again in the morning. If it STILL isn't working right, I'll put it in my vehicle, along with my purchase receipt, and head over to Best Buy to see what can be done!
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