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Wednesday Warblings...

Mom appears to be on the mend. Doctor, after nearly a YEAR, determined she had C-Diff instead of diverticulitis. Last month he prescribed an expensive medicine, Vancomycin, to treat the problem. He suggested the cheapest way to get it would be at a compounding pharmacy in Bastrop, about thirty miles from here.

Yesterday, after her check-up appointment, the doctor decided to put her on another round of the medication, although a lower potency this time, to hopefully finish clearing it up. So, we made another trip to Bastrop yesterday afternoon. At least we knew EXACTLY where to go this time, instead of nearly getting lost LAST time. Neither mom or I are very familiar with Bastrop.

In other "news"... cold front moving through the area tonight. Todays "High" is supposed to be around 79°F (26°C). Tomorrows "High" is only going to be around 62°F (17°C). STILL no major rain to speak of, so the ever lingering "burn ban" here in the parish will still be in effect, and since the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, that is a bit inconvenient... won't be able to burn 'em after raking 'em!

Not sure what was up with the boy and I yesterday evening. I got sleepy around 6pm and went to bed. Got up around 8pm to visit the bathroom, and he was already asleep in his room! He RARELY goes to sleep that early! But... he was up half an hour earlier than usual to get ready for school this morning.

Since the Powerball lottery is up over $200 million, bought a few tickets yesterday while out and about... even though chances of winning are around 1 in Eleventy Billion. Positive I'll awake in the morning just as broke as I am today.

Hopefully Waste Management will remember to stop and get our trash today. They were actually EARLY in the day last week, after calling the week before to fuss at them for missing us!
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