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Project Afoot...Bye Bye Dish...

Barring any calls offering me work this week, I'm going to start a project that will save ME about $120/month and my mom about $60/month. Going to buy some new, higher grade outdoor coaxial cable and a higher powered amplifier for my outdoor TV antenna, to boost its signal strength on local "over the air channels". Then, I'm getting another outdoor antenna and mast for moms place, along with another amplifier and the other necessary accessories, and putting HER an antenna up for locals.

The reason I'm doing this, both her and I feel like we are paying too much for Dish Network, for no more than we ACTUALLY watch of it. There are only about 6 or 7 shows I watch regularly that are on the "cable" type channels. Rest of the time I'm either online, watching DVDs, or watching something on a local channel. Mom usually goes to bed early most nights, so isn't up during "prime-time" hours often. During the day she's usually watching the "CBS Morning Show" and "The Price is Right". Afternoons she watches "Family Feud" and a host of those "TV judge" shows, followed by local and national network news.All of those shows are on local channels. As for the son, he already said, no more than he watches, he really wouldn't miss the Dish either, since he spends a lot of time online gaming.

Also, over the Dish, there are only the 5 local channels. I discovered, even without the signal amplifier on my antenna, I'm picking up a total of 16 digital and one analog channel (counting the digital "subchannels"). The investment in the extra equipment to get the antennas working to peak performance will MORE than pay for itself after a couple of months of not paying Dish. Another plus... the locals LOOK better "over the air" than over the satellite!
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