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Colder weather sets in...and those ATT IDIOTS!

As usual, as soon as colder weather starts settling in, I start getting sick. Woke up this morning, blowing my nose, sneezing, eyes watery, portion of my face under my eyes feeling puffy, running a lowish fever (99.8F). Took a couple of aspirins earlier and a short nap. Not feeling "much" better yet, but the fever has went down "some" (99.4F).

ATT has called here TWICE this week trying to sell me DSL. Missed the first call, but it was on the caller-ID as "19.95 DSL ATT". Andrew answered the call today, told them the reason we cancelled their DSL service in the first place was because of the monthly data caps they started. The woman on the phone tried to tell him they don't have data caps. Apparently she's as clueless as the guy I talked to when I was getting unwanted long distance fees removed from my bill a while back. He ALSO tried to sell me DSL, and tried to argue they don't have caps, until he finally looked it up, and told me I was right after all, and no one had told HIM about it!

WHY is it that the customers know MORE about what ATT is doing, than the ACTUAL ATT employees?!?
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