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Magazine Switch

When I went out to the mailbox this morning, I found an issue of "PC World" magazine in it. Knowing I hadn't subscribed to it, thought it was a bit odd. There was a note attached. Apparently it's a replacement for the sons "GamePro" magazine I had subscribed to for him. Seems GamePro "ceased monthly publication with the October 2011 issue".

It's a shame really, Andrew doesn't do MUCH reading, and at least he liked getting that magazine... but these days, actual "print" magazines are dropping like flies! Hopefully the two I subscribe to myself will be around for a while, "Entertainment Weekly" and "Time".

I've been getting one other magazine for the past year I never actually subscribed to, "Hollywood Reporter". Last year, Entertainment Weekly sent a mailing offering a 4-week free trial subscription of Hollywood Reporter, I never subscribed, yet it's STILL coming every week. Not gonna complain however about getting a "free" magazine!
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