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Just spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon moving the big TV antenna off the short pole on the roof, to the taller pole in the front of the house. Almost didn't get it loose from the old pole. The U-bolts had rusted, and even dousing them with WD-40 didn't help much! That antenna hasn't been messed with since I mounted it in 1998. Most "strenuous" labor I've done in a couple of weeks, so I'll probably be all "stove up" in the morning... and mom said she needs me to take her for a doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, depending on the weather, going to go buy another tall antenna mast like the one in the front of my house, attach the small antenna I removed from the one here to it, and set her up so she can get the local channels at her place. She is like me, getting tired of paying Dish Network all that money, when 75% of the time, nothing worth watching is on. At least when the switch to digital over-the-air happened, it increased the number of channels a bit. My TV currently picks up two low-power analog stations and 16 digital, compared to just 5 channels before the switch.

Geesh... I'm ALREADY feeling achy.... :-(
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