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Yet MORE Sunday Summaries

Yesterday, Andrew went to the fair with his girlfriend. Today, he went shopping with my mother. As usual, she asked if I needed her to pick me up anything. I was fine, but Eastwood needed kitty litter. Seems everytime she asked me that, it's always the CAT that is running low on something instead!

Haven't gotten used to where I re-located my PC yet apparently. Went to the kitchen to refill my coffee, walked into the room I formerly had the computer in for the past few years. Old habits are hard to break I guess. STILL achy after all the furniture rearranging I did three days ago!

First day of "Fall" was supposed to be day before yesterday. Can't prove it here in Louisiana however, currently 92F outside! Earlier had my windows open and a fan on, but once it hit 89F out, had to close 'em and turn on the A/C.

Most of my Facebook friends are posting about football this afternoon it seems. I posted what I'm currently viewing... Leo Laporte broadcasting his "Tech Guy" radio show at . Of course, I've always been more "geeky" than "sporty". Couldn't tell anyone how football, baseball, basketball, etc. is played if my life depended on it! No clue at all... was NEVER a sports fan, even though my dad was a football fan.

Noticed that, even after Google opened up Google+ last week, very few people I actually "know" appear to be signing up to use it. Predicting it'll probably go the way of the now defunct "Google Wave".
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