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Yet ANOTHER Radio Station Re-Format!...

In my blatant attempt to aquire more listeners to my "Live365 Radio Station", I've changed the format again. First was a format with old recordings my friends and I made back in the '80's...that went over like a lead weight! Then, all kinds of music from the beginning of the last century until the end of the century, that didn't prove popular either. Then I went just for rock/popular music from the 1960's-present. That didn't attract many listeners either(that time may or may not have been the sound quality at fault, I was trying to reach as many people as possible by broadcasting at a low bitrate-32kbps).
So, now I'm trying a comedy(spoken) and novelty song format, raiding deep into my LP and CD archives, and mastered at a "broadband" quality bitrate, 56kbps(the maximum Live365 allows). So now, dial-up users may feel a little left out. I don't have the maximum amount I can put up yet, but I'm slowly working on it. It takes time to convert an LP record to an MP3!
To listen, you can either use Live365's default player, or use WinAmp by putting in the URL:

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