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Some Sunday Briefs

Andrew's new girlfriend came to visit yesterday for a few hours. Keeping a close eye on him. Even though I've warned him to not do anything to produce any kids as long as he's living here, unless he's able to afford somewhere else to live, you just can't tell if he's listening or not. I'm dead serious when I tell him that. Can barely afford to support HIM and me, nontheless two more people if he had an "accident", so if something like that happened, he's OUT! He's not the most "responsible" person on the planet.

My internet connection has been craptastic all morning. It was so bad Andrew gave up on the game he was playing, and went to the grocery store with mom.

The two small dogs from the house across the street have been roaming the area again, even though the parish has a leash law. Mom has called animal control more than once because the dogs are in the yard barking at her when she comes outside. The old coot that owns them has had to pay a fine once. He put up one of those "invisible electric fences", but he only put it across the FRONT of his property. The dogs have figured out the boundaries and walk right past it. This is a fairly busy road, most people drive OVER the posted 25MPH limit, so it's a matter of time before those dogs become roadkill, IMO. And I'm positive the old coot and his wife will blame EVERYONE but themselves when that happens.

Looked into my journal archive to see what I posted on September 11, 2001, but apparently I didn't post that day, even though I remember being home that day. Think I was too glued to the TV to post anything. Then, as now, computer is in a different room than the TV, and back then I didn't have a laptop to carry into the room with me. Also was stuck with dial-up back in 2001.

Woke up early enough this morning to get the laundry done. Andrew asked where his jeans were after I had everything folded. Told him only his school clothes were in the hamper, so if he didn't put them in there, they didn't get washed. He was still asleep when I started washing.
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