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1. Handle Name: Albert71292
2. Full Name: Albert Willis Sims,Jr.
3. Nicknames: None, but people I used to work with called me "Bert"
4. Age: 36
5. Birthplace: West Monroe,Louisiana

6. Place of Residence: West Monroe,Louisiana
7. Occupation: Currently unemployed
8. Mode of Transportation: 1998 Ford Ranger
9. Mother: Lois
10. Father: Albert Sr.(passed away in 1991)
11. Siblings: None
12. Birth Order: I was the only one.
13. Straight, Gay or Bi?: Straight
14. Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Mate: None
15. Who lives with you now: No one
16. Children: one son, Andrew, who lives with the sorry ex-wife
17. Race: Caucasian (white)
18. Enemies: the ex-wife
19. Best Friend: James Stricklin
20. Birthdate and Astrological Sign: August 21,1965- Leo
21. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much have you changed in the past 5 years?: 1

22. Favorite Drink: iced tea(non-alcohol)/Evan Williams Bourbon & Pepsi(alcohol)
23. Favorite Food: anything greasy!(Wondering when the arteries will start clogging!)
24. Favorite Memory: can't remember
25. Favorite Time of Year: Spring
26. Favorite thing to wear: as little as possible around the house...jeans and shirts outside the house.
27. What is the one thing that you would change about yourself if you could?: Can't think of anything, I've been the same so many years!
28. Favorite Colour: blue
29. Pascifist or Activist?: Pascifist
30. Who is your Role-Model: My dad
31. Most hectic aspect of your life: currently, my job search
32. Religion of choice: None...religion gives me hives!
33. Hobbies: movies, cd's, dvd's, television, computer, reading
34. Favorite Room in your house:Living room(wish there was room for the computer in there!)
35. Pets: None currently
36. Type of Childhood: solitary
37. Favorite Type of Music: Everything
38. Favorite Expletives: "Shit!","Dammit!"
39. Bedtime Reading of choice: mystery novels, anything by Ed McBain
40. Education: High School graduate
41. Do you play any instruments?: No
42. Childhood Memory that still affects you: can't think that far back!
43. Worst Fear: losing everything I've aquired over the years(hopefully that won't happen!)
44. Most at Ease when: sitting in front of the television
45. Most ill-at ease when: being anywhere near the ex-wife
46. Priorities: my son, and currently finding a job
47. Are you comfortable with yourself?: As comfortable as I'll ever be
48. What do you regret the most? Getting married
49. If granted one wish, what would it be?: Currently...a job
50. Optimist or Pessimist?: Optimist.
51. Introvert or Extrovert?: A little of both.
52. Most valuable lesson learned: Never get married!
53. Do you believe in Fate: No, whatever happens, happens!
54. Favorite ice cream: vanilla
55. What would you change about yourself if you could:nothing
56. Relationship with Mother: Excellent.
57. Relationship with Father: it was good while he was here.
58. Relationship with each sibling: No siblings
59. How you feel about self: so-so
60. Past failures you would be embarassed to have people know about: None I can think of.
61. Greatest source of strength in your personality (whether you see it as such or not): trying to maintain a sense of humor under adverse circumstances
62. Greatest source of weakness in your personality (whether you see it as such or not):
being too nervous around the opposite sex
63. Your soft spot: my head
64. Is this soft spot obvious to others (If not, how do you hide it)?: yes
65. Biggest Vulnerability: scrotum
66. Drives and Motivations: Just go day by day.
67. Talents: None I can think of
67. Extremely unskilled at: Math
68. Good Character traits: I try to get along with everyone(except the ex-wife)
69. Character Flaws: very few people seem to like me, not sure why
70. Mannerisms: laid back, most of the time
71. Peculiarities: None
72. Darkest Secret (And does anyone else know?): there's one, and one other person knows, and it's staying that way!
73. Biggest Accomplishment: Can't think of anything at the moment
74. Minor Accomplishments: holding down one job 16 years
75. What do you do too much of: sleep
76. What does you do too little of: work
77. Song quote to describe you: I Am The Walrus
78. Song that always bring you to think of yourself: My Life(Billy Joel)
79. Your Main Inspiration: My dad
80. What is your philosophy on life: Overall, it stinks!

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